Muzzies…Brand Profile


This week our brand profile is dedicated to our newest kid on the block, stylish muslin and baby bib brand Muzzies…

A brand new brand for spring, Muzzies joined the Peps & Pooks family at the start of February and we are totally in love with the fresh and vibrant prints used on their designs.

Aside from the contemporary prints (which make me daydream about Summer!), my favourite thing about the Muzzie swaddle muslins are their versatility. Each swaddle muslin in a generous 120cm x 120cm which means they have a million and one different uses aside from the standard burp cloth. From soft and cosy swaddle to breastfeeding cover, impromptu bib to picnic blanket, change mat cover to make shift shade..I could go on, but you get the gist. Until I had Eva, I had no idea how much I’d come to rely on them during the early months, or how often i’d find myself saying  “JUST USE A MUSLIN!” to avert a baby related catastrophe, or probably more frequently, “WHERE’S THE *******  MUSLIN?!?” as they invariably go into hiding the second you need one! What I’m trying to say is, if there’s one thing you don’t want to leave the house without, it’s a swaddle muslin!

Another great thing about the Muzzie swaddle muslins is that they are all made using 100% cotton and printed using eco-friendly dyes, which makes them really soft and gentle on newborns skin and also REALLY washable…phew!

Anyway, enough from me, here are some words from Muzzies founder, and mum of two, Sarah…

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What was the inspiration behind Muzzies?
I have worked in retail as a fashion buyer for over 10 years and always wanted to design and make product for myself. When I had my eldest daughter, she became very attached to a plain white, drab looking muzzie and this inspired me. So many babies become attached to muzzies as a comfort blanket, so why not make them lovely? It’s the perfect combination for my love of prints and babies!

What’s your personal favourite item from the range?
I love the geo confetti muslin as I am a huge fan of anything geometric. For the new SS17 range (launching mid March) it’s got to be a toss up between the ice lollies print and the watermelons in mint!


What’s the best part of your job?
I am a designer at heart, so for me…sitting down with my sketch book for an hour and sketching out some new design ideas is heaven!

In your opinion, what’s the biggest challenge of being your own boss?
I think it’s being a Mum as well as my own boss. The hardest, for me personally is trying to juggling everything – full time work, running a house and everything that comes in between!

What advice do you have for anyone looking to start their own business?
Definitely perseverance and determination. Don’t give up at the first hurdle and have realistic expectations. I view it as a long term lifestyle change. I want to work and create beautiful products, but I also want to pick up the kids from school and be there for them. Hopefully this will give me that flexibility. When the self doubt kicks in, just believe in yourself.

What has been the brands (and your) biggest achievement to date
I launched my new range of muzzies at Bubble London this February. I was super nervous to attend such a big trade show and chat to buyers from all over the world but it was truly great. The feedback was so positive. It’s just lovely to hear that people like what you are doing. 

What does 2017 hold for Muzzies?
The launch of the new range – including swaddles and gift sets of a smaller size burp cloth, plus more exciting prints to come for AW17!